Primo soy, de mi prima la tristeza,

inseparable amigo de la soledad,

fiel compañero de la pereza,

fogoso amante de la igualdad.


Feroz enemigo de la hipocresía,

incondicional fan de la razón,

hermano menor de la poesía,

colega del latir del corazón.


Adepto habitual a la justicia,

compadre de las cosas con humor,

asesino brutal de la malicia,

guardián del palacio del amor.


Marido de mi novia la inocencia,

soldado defensor de la piedad,

gobernador del país de la coherencia,

sicario de la temida maldad.


Deseo que en el mundo entero,

esta especie de actitud,

haya causado sus efectos.


No quiero ser peliculero,

pero sin duda mi mejor virtud,

es la de no tener defectos.

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210 comentarios en “La virtud

  1. io non ne parlo mica male. Ecco, vedo di spiegarmi meglio con un paragone: l'elenco telefonico di Atlantide è un po' come lost. Bello mentre lo guardi ma poi il finale… insoddisfacente. Poi è un giudizio personale, ad alcuni il finale di lost è andato bene :-)Diciamo che con me nei suoi libri il "patto col lettore" o "sospensione dell'incredulità" che dir si voglia, funziona fino a un certo punto. Però continuo a leggere i suoi romanzi, li ho finiti tutti (e se un romanzo lo reputo negativo non lo finisco)

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  7. >> For each Israeli that was killed (9) more than 100 Palestinians were killed (1397), a clear majority of them civilians.Most people would find these numbers appalling, immoral and unjust. A “humanist” would use the kill ratio of 100:1 to suggest that resistance is fraught with issues, counter-productive.

  8. Anders is safe. He’s built up such a strong base of support in his riding that a challenge to him is like tilting at windmills. That and the fact that Kennedy-Glaans is a hardcore liberal whose ideology is closer to the NDP than the Conservatives will give Rob Anders the win in Calgary West.

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  19. I definately agree that the electoral college system is undemocratic unfair. Even though Obama won this election in both the popular and electoral vote, the voice of the citizens through the popular vote should have been the only one that mattered. 2000 was not a fair election and proved that the electoral system is flawed and should be changed. Good read.

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  51. Isn’t it a myth – indeed a horrible, borderline-homophobic generalisation – that gay couples are wealthy and independant over their heterosexual equivalents.Many gay couples are adopting, many look after sick or elderly relatives, it does not necesarily follow that they have “no dependents”.

  52. Hi Katie, I was thinking about you, and thought I’d type in the old blog name, and lo and behold, I found the new blog. I loved reading that you are doing well, and getting stronger every minute. This is a great post, which I sent to a friend of mine.

  53. Michelle, Thank you for such an incredible workshop Saturday! I was so excited and it is was even better than I could have imagined! I love all the projects and techniques you taught us and have inked all day long today! Congratulations on the magazine honor! You are soooo deserving! Thanks to Lisa also for being such an incredible hostess! BTW today’s post is gorgeous!Liana

  54. I checked in the SOED, and they say the same thing, that ‘the blues’ meaning sadness, depression (or, they also say, delirium tremens) is a mid 18thC coinage: but they don’t cite anything either, alas; so perhaps it’s more supposition than a solid fact, but it’s one that I recall coming across in a note about this very image in an edition of Cruickshank’s prints…

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